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If your business is based in Bolton or anywhere in Greater Manchester and you are looking for a help with the SEO or your website, you have found the right place. 

Hi, I'm Chris and I help businesses re-discover their 'Why' through the SEO and by implementing the right strategies in place that are heavily focused on a positive ROI.




What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than optimizing a website in a way that is easy for search engines, i.e. Google, to read the content on the website so it can analyze how relevant and valuable it is to the user search query.

In the SEO there are a lot of things to look at, from building a strategy plan to setting up correct H tags on the website and writing relevant Schema Markup in JSON-LD format.

However, it is very important to remember this:

Googles main focus is the User Experience and that includes things like relevancy, speed, ease and usability. This is why it’s very important to focus on a business itself first. To map out all of the values and benefits we can give to our visitors and customers. Essentially this is more of building the brand and a strong business rather than just optimizing the website. 

How important is the SEO to my business?


Virtually any business can benefit from a good SEO service. Many years ago I’ve heard this quote: “ SEO is like real estate, once it’s there it will stay for a long time.” and it really stuck with me. It does take a lot of work and commitment to get a website ranking on a first page and first position but once it’s there it is very hard for a competition or anyone else to suddenly out rank the website, especially with an ongoing Google updates.

So how important is the SEO for your business? That depends on your business model and how your company is generating leads and sales also if the business is looking to scale. In the past I have worked with many businesses that were not interested in any type of service that would generate them more prospects as they were not looking to grow their business and from the old, word-of-mouth system, they were in the position were they couldn’t take any more clients. 

However, some business are constantly looking to scale and grow and they understand the concept of sales and brand exposure. SEO will not solve every problem for the company but what it can do is build a consistent stream of the traffic to your website and create an online presence of your brand in an organic way. I wouldn’t say it’s free but rather a passive source of the traffic as it requires an upfront investment of money, time and hard work. 

We also have to remember that visitors from the search query are called “organic traffic” for a reason. First of all, people going on your website from i.e. Google, are not forced or heavily spammed with ads to click on your link and second, users searching for the specific term on Google are ready to take an action. Whether that is to buy a product, enquire for a service, download an eBook or simply find out more information, they are in a need of something and if we can help them to solve their problem we are on the road to success! 


How much does the SEO cost?

Phone Call : Free | +44 1204 322 354

SEO & Website Consultation: from £2000

My SEO and Website Consultation starts from £2000. In exchange I offer: finding and setting up the key objectives, extensive research and full SEO strategy. This also includes plan for the website and the development process. This is a perfect package if you have in-house marketing team / digital team but you just need a little push into the right direction. This SEO consultation plan offers an in depth strategy that will help you build a brand exposure as well as driving targeted audience to the relevant sections of your website which will result in a positive ROI.  

SEO Services: from £2500 per month

SEO Service from £2500 per month. This includes the Consultation* plus carrying out work on your website and offline. This package is perfect for the well established company that is looking to build or grow their digital presence but is lacking the in-house team or is relying on a freelancer. It also suits businesses that perhaps their current marketing agency has a challenging time to produce a positive ROI from the services they offer.  

SEO Service plus Website Design: from £3500 per month

This offer suits businesses that want to strength their brand online, they are looking for ways to generate a positive ROI through the online funnels and they need a whole new system. You might be in the position where you still don’t have a website or you need a new website that is designed specifically to convert the traffic into leads and then resolve in sales. A lot of the websites now are designed to look nice but not necessarily to convert. My website design process is highly focused on user experience and conversion which doesn’t compromise the look and brand identity. 









Is SEO more effective than PPC?


PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns i.e. Google AdWords  can be very effective just like SEO. However some industries are highly competitive and a big budget is necessary just to stay on the top of the relevant search results and keywords. There is no right or wrong and a lot of businesses should be doing both and work towards building an omnipresence in the digital world, that includes social media platforms, webinars, articles, ad networks etc. 

However, investing in the SEO is as mentioned above, building a real estate online. It does take hard work and commitment but once it’s done right, it is very unlikely to be outcompeted or loose that place on Google search. It also helps to build your brand awareness and it doesn’t keep you locked in to only few keywords or phrases. Through things like articles or videos i.e. YouTube, you are able to not only reach the audience that potentially is interested in your products or services but you can also attract a new niche audience or group of people through building a high quality content on a consistent basis.

SEO is a strong addition to your new or already existing marketing strategy and effectively, any business should be operating on all possible channels.  


What are the long term benefits of the SEO? 

There are a lot of great benefits from the SEO. The first one is the passive source of the traffic. We do spend a lot of time on building the website, content, optimization etc. and this, if done correctly, is rewarding us with a free, targeted traffic to our website.

Another benefit of the SEO is the Brand Exposure. With the right strategy in place we are able to produce a high quality content that can target a new audience or a niche group with an interest in your products or services. 

Something that a lot of companies are missing is the link between the SEO and Social Media. We are looking at both channels separately where maybe we should look for a way to combine the two. One of the missed opportunity that could highly benefit your website ranking and drive more leads to your business is promoting valuable content on social media platforms.


If you are actively running social media campaigns but you cannot see any positive results besides few likes and comments maybe it’s a time to change your strategy. Building a high quality content that can provide a value and build an interest in your audience can be far more effective than a post with sales offer. 

Ready to find out how your business can benefit from SEO or a new Website?

Around 95% of the digital marketing industry don't practice what they preach.

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